Team Building Programs

Whether you’re looking for a basic team activity that revolves around food, or true culinary team building, chances are that one of our three culinary programs fits your team and your budget.

Instead of team building activities like golf, which require specific skills, or more contrived ropes’ courses, we’ve found that everybody is comfortable in a kitchen. For you, that means more camaraderie and collaboration. More engagement and less eye-rolling!


Team Building with Taste

Team Building with Taste is our premier, comprehensive team building program. This 3-hour program pits teams from within the same company against one another as they prepare a four-course meal. Curveballs are thrown in along the way to inspire creativity, and they make people learn how to work together when the only other alternative is losing in front of the entire department or company.

Once time is up, the meals are presented to our master chef judges in unique and inventive ways, and the judges provide insightful feedback. After a winning team has been announced, everyone gets to enjoy their meals in our private dining room while a personalized slideshow plays.

Team Building with Taste only costs between $99 to $109 per person, plus actual beer and wine consumed. Depending on your needs, a team building fee may apply, so call us to review your team building needs. We also have great prizes available for the winners (and losers), not to mention fantastic menus. You’ll believe it’s worth every penny when you see the successful results and team interactions that follow.

Taste of Innovation

Taste of Innovation is our unique team building program that encourages creative collaboration within teams. Instead of working from full-course menus, we provide simple ingredients with a complex challenge; teams aren’t allowed to prepare obvious meals. They must come up with an idea for a meal, which they agree upon and recreate the wheel.

Taste of Innovation is priced at $79 per person plus actual beer and wine consumed. Depending on your needs, a team building fee may apply, so call us to review your team building needs. Taste of Innovation is perfect for breathing fresh air into an established company or breaking the ice between two newly merged companies.

Cooking Up Camaraderie

Cooking Up Camaraderie is a fun and exciting team activity we offer, which is light on team building but still plenty engaging. This program pairs teams together to cook up delightful International tapas dishes, which look, smell and taste amazing. Our chefs are there to guide and help teams along the way, and the optional pantry provides a way for teams to add spice and variety to their appetizer dishes.

Cooking Up Camaraderie is $69 per person, plus actual beer and wine consumed, and companies who choose this program tell us it offers a much-needed dose of healthy, enjoyable competition.

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