Meet Our Chefs for Team Building Cooking Events

Team Building with Taste Chefs

Backed by an army of sous chefs, cooks and kitchen staff, our trio of award-winning chefs runs the gamut from “straight-out-of-central-casting” celebrities to rock-solid 25 year cooking pros. Despite their differences, two things unite them: a love of both food and people. In addition to being outstanding cooks, our chefs are highly engaging, helpful and friendly. These are the qualities that allow them to lead you through an engaging team building cooking event.

Whether they’re demonstrating a quick plating technique, surprising team building participants with a last minute curve ball challenge, or comparing a bad dish to an ex-spouse, these guys love making people laugh and watching them celebrate together.

Chef Susan Fornek

Affectionately known as the female Gordon Ramsay, Chef Susan runs our Atlanta team building kitchen. Depending upon which side of the bed she got up on, this Chicago native can love you to death, or give you the South-side stare. Either way, you will love the way she and her team will teach and motivate you.

Chef Susan is a graduate of the Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago, and she has also cooked and trained in Florence, Venice, Asti and Bologna, Italy. In her accomplished career, she has cooked at the Ritz Carlton Chicago, Emory University, Van Gogh’s Mediterranean and Cisco Systems.



Chef Joey Allette

Joey Allette is our executive chef in Dallas, Texas, and he was born to be a Team Building chef. In addition to a booming voice, a not-so-subtle sense of humor and a get-it-done attitude, this ex-Dallas cop, U.S. military veteran and City of Allen Health Inspector knows how to run a culinary team building session.

Before he joined Team Building with Taste, Joey worked at some of the hippest spots in Dallas. He’s a great cook that has appeared on several Food Network shows, and he is a regular headliner at Taste of Dallas, State Fair of Texas and North Texas Irish Festival.



Chef Todd Hyde

Chef Todd Hyde has worked in the hospitality industry for many years. Prior to joining Team Building with Taste in Dallas, he spent the last five years as Chef Tournant at Texas Chef Food Service working under Certified Master Chef Ernst Gruch.

Chef Todd is perhaps best well known for his work around Dallas as Chef Coordinator and Recruiter for Taste of Dallas and the North Texas Irish Festival. He is also an active advocate for the American Heart Association promoting good nutrition and healthy eating habits for a better life. He is a firm believer in farm fresh foods.

Born is west Texas, chef Todd is a graduate of the Arts Institute of Dallas, International Culinary Schools.  He has been married to his wife Julia for 26 years. They have one daughter and four grandchildren.



What Do Our Team Building Chefs Do?

Our chefs have hand crafted our delicious, full-course menus to be both challenging and accessible to people with varied experience when it comes to cooking. They’ve even selected pairings, so the drinks we provide complement the meals you cook.

In addition to creating the menus, our chefs walk teams through cooking and safety demonstrations for our commercial kitchen, introduce last-minute cooking challenges, and judge your team’s meal in a TV-style breakdown.

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The chefs at Team Building with Taste know that no man is an island in the kitchen and that success requires true teamwork.

If you’re ready to improve collaboration and communication amongst your employees with a fun and challenging team building experience, contact Team Building with Taste online to book an event in Atlanta or Dallas today.