Why culinary teambuilding?

According to the Harvard Business Review: “Experts project that within a few years, more than 1.3 billion people will work virtually worldwide. That’s no surprise. It’s a trend we all see every day in our own business experience. Technology makes it possible for teams and colleagues to connect and collaborate across the country, or across the globe.


Employees like the flexibility of a virtual work style. And companies like the cost savings. For example, according to INC Magazine, companies can save up to $11,000 per year for each virtual employee they hire. So, it makes perfect sense.


But there’s a downside to remote and virtual teams.


Untethered, virtual employees complain that their work lives often lack a sense of community and the richness of collaboration. Many experience far too little unstructured social contact.

INC says that in order to get the most from remote workers managers need to:


  • Increase communication as you increase distance
  • Bring your virtual employees into meetings
  • Schedule periodic team building events
  • Make expectations crystal clear
  • Celebrate success

Team Building with Taste is a proven, cost effective team building program that revolves around people’s love of food and cooking. It can be used for an occasional team building touch-up, or be part of an ongoing program. It’s also a perfect way to onboard new employees or bring together newly merged or acquired teams.

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Why culinary teambuilding?