What should you expect in your team building event? Review these corporate team building cooking videos to see what really happens in our structured learning events.

Team Building Cooking Videos

Seeing is believing. Check out some of the corporate team building cooking videos below to get a better idea of the experience you will have with a Team Building with Taste event.

Team Building With Taste Culinary Team Building Dallas  2:14

This video is 2 minutes 14 seconds. It follows the entire culinary team building challenge from start to finish with quotes from the chefs and from the competitors. The quotes explain how cooking team building is different from other activities and requires more thought for the presentations.

This is a detailed look at what your Team Building with cooking event looks like. Hear an explanation of the values gained from the event. This 5 minute 35 second interview video covers Team Building With Taste CEO Paul McKeon and Chef Susan Fornek on CBS 46 Atlanta Plugged In. The video reveals how the team building cooking challenge helps you build more trust in your teammates. Learn how the values of  respect and communication translate back to your workplace.

Teambuilding With Taste Culinary Teambuilding Challenge 3:12

This 3 minute 12 second video closely follows participants in the culinary team building challenge. The cooking team members explain what they did in the competition. The participants explain the value of the team building exercises and why they would come back again. Would they recommend the team building cooking challenge to other companies? Find out for yourself in this revealing video.

On-Site Culinary Challenge and Team Building Event for Sealed Air 3:18

This 3 minute 18 second video allows you to watch the team building cooking competition for yourself. Follow 76 information technology managers from the around the globe as they compete in Atlanta.

Atlanta Culinary Challenge featuring the Paychex team. 3:18

Watch the Paychex team members compete in the Atlanta Culinary Challenge led by the chefs of Team Building With Taste. Chef Paul explains that the cooking challenge will divide the group up into teams who will work to complete the cooking task before the deadline.

Atlanta Culinary Fundraiser with Down Syndrome Association of Atlanta 4:17

This 4 minute 17 second video follows a culinary fund raiser event for the Down Syndrome Association of Atlanta. Team Building With Taste is a great venue for fund raising and charity events.

  • Money Raised
  • Awareness Boosted