FAQ Team Building Questions

Team Building Cooking Event FAQs

Here are quick answers to your questions on structured Team Building in Atlanta & Dallas with Team Building With Taste.

1. How long does the cooking for team building cooking event take from start to finish?

For Cooking Up Camaraderie (our appetizer challenge), you can count on a two hour to two and a half hour experience. That’s from the time you walk in and are greeted with appetizers and libations to the final awarding of the prizes and the team building debrief. Taste of Innovation and Team Building With Taste run bit longer. These events average between two and a half hours to three hours from start to finish. Depending on the event, you are in the kitchen cooking from 45 to 60 minutes. Keep in mind that larger groups will take a bit longer than smaller groups.

2. Sixty minutes to make a full course meal? That’s not a lot of time!

You’re right, that’s not a lot of time. But just like you have deadlines in business, we give you a deadline to help focus your attention. You know what happens without a deadline? Nothing! You’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish.

3. We make the food, right? Can it be good, if we are making it?

The food usually turns out great. Why? First, you are working from well tested recipes. Second, while they don’t cook for you, we have chefs working alongside you to ensure that everything stays on point and that the food tastes good. If you’re like most people, you under estimate yourself.
You’ll be surprised at how well you’ll do – and how much teamwork, collaboration and a little healthy competition carries you along.

4. Do you teach us how to cook during the team building event?

It’s not a cooking lesson per se, where you sit around and watch a chef make the food and then taste it. This culinary workshop requires your participation. It’s not passive. However, each of our culinary events incorporates three or four teaching moments and you are encouraged to ask your chef any questions. This is your chance to learn valuable techniques from them.

5. If I want to go off recipe during the cooking contest, can I call a friend, Siri or Mr. Google?

By all means you can look up the answers to your questions. We encourage creativity and you can be as resourceful in our kitchen as you are at home or at work. If every team followed the same recipe, with no difference in taste, then the judges would have a hard time deciding on the winner of the cooking challenge. In cooking, as in business, sometimes you have to take intelligent risks to win.

6. The cooking team building events are a bit more expensive than other team activities like Top Golf or Escape the Room?

We are slightly more expensive than those events, but we consider them to be more team “activities” than team “building.”  With them, you are doing something together, but there’s little structured team building. The person in Bay 3 almost never interacts with the person in Bay 6. We actually have a 10 page script that we adhere to and make a real effort to bring your group together and force the interaction between all the team members.  Plus, with Team Building with Taste, you also get a great dinner in a private dining room. With the others, you might even go out to eat after the event. Many of our satisfied clients compare us to the cost of a nice dinner out, but much more engaging and interesting.

7. What if some of my team members don’t like to cook?

Even if you are not a great cook, there is something for everybody to do, from chopping onions to making the event winning sales presentation for your team. If none of that appeals to you, there’s always trash talking the other teams or even friendly acts of sabotage. Seriously, almost everyone seems to enjoy themselves and become thoroughly involved.

8. We’ve done other cooking challenges for team building. What’s different about yours?

We’ve been told that our events are more engaging than other similar events. As we like to say, instead of watching Chopped or Iron Chef, you’re in the show! Also, our team building kitchens feature the same commercial equipment found only in restaurants. People like interacting with deep fryers, high temp broilers, flat top griddles and more.

9. We’ve done team building before and we get a lot of workers who are skeptical. Why is this cooking challenge valuable for team building? Why will our employees see the value of this event?

Good questions. Some participants look forward to their next team builder while others would rather have a root canal. In general, we’ve found that people like kitchens and they like food. They have happy memories from kitchens because they tend to be warm and nurturing places. Our chefs and staff go out of their way to make even the fussiest team member happy.

10. What skills will we learn in the Team Building with Cooking?

True team building creates situations that mirror the workplace: like a little bit of stress, resource scarcity, deadlines and other real world facts of life. How your team works together to overcome these challenges in the team building session, likely informs how they will work together in the office or shop floor.  A team building curriculum, like the one designed for Team Building with Taste, encourages interaction and interplay at multiple inflection points throughout the exercise. Yes, you want to have fun. But if you can also increase familiarity, collaboration and trust, that’s a bonus!